Manufacturing Industry from its inception is being depicted as a space that involves dust, noise, unbearable temperature, men at work, tedious work, extreme ruggedness, etc. Every operation in the shop floor involves human risk and is prone to accidents. Industries across the globe have reported numerous accidents at shop floors and tacking this issue has been a major concern of players of the Industry.  Moreover, governments of the world have made stringent policies for the welfare of industrial employees, which however have not compensated losses due to accidents.

Technology in all the industries at all the levels is growing rapidly and the world has witnessed advancements through automation, robotics, artificial intelligence and most recently IIoT. These advancements have no doubt, multiplied the productivity and have made jobs easier, but also safer. Manufacturing biggies of the world have invested huge capitals in technology advancements and are perpetuating research and developments in this regards to stay ahead of the competition. These are the spaces that lead to innovations and inventions. “Protect-A-Finger” is one such patented innovation that is now being marketed by Press-O-Matic,  a high potential SME, A pioneer in pressing technology and solutions.

As the name suggests, the ingenious technology by Neumatica Technologies upholds the importance of human safety in pressing machines that involve a working load of more than 50 tonnes. In other words, a load of having dropped a humongous rock on a toe. Hurtful isn’t it? This simple mechanism uses Hydraulic or the Pneumatic energy, to retract the load on being bombarded with any other element than the workpiece. Hence, making it safest for the operator, working on Pressing machines. Having developed this ingenious patented technology, Neumatica technologies Pvt. Ltd encompasses this masterpiece in all Press-O-Matic machines making the brand safe and operator friendly.

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