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Safety stands for the following:

S – Search for Hazards

A – Analyse the risk

F – Find the cause

E – Eliminate the cause

T – Tell others

Y – You are safe.

The National Safety Day is observed on the 4th of March every year by enterprises around the country. The National Safety Council ,India observed National Safety Week from the 4th-10th of March with the following pledge “On this Day, We solemnly affirm that we will rededicate our self to the cause of the safety, health and protection of environment and will do our best to observe rules, regulations and procedures and develop attitudes and habits for achieving these objectives. We fully realize that, accidents and diseases are a drain on the national economy and may lead to disablement, death, damage to health and property, social suffering and general degradation of environment. We will do everything possible for the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases and protection of environment in the interest of our self, our family, our community and the nation at large”. Safety Day is observed.”

Safety is one of our three guiding principles at Neumatica. The Press-o-matic value triangle focuses on the three aspects of Safety, Quality, Productivity,

Although safety is important in every segment of society, it is paramount to the manufacturing sector. Given the nature of work, one single mistake can be fatal. Unfortunately, this is one aspect that is looked down upon by many industries and individuals due to our lax attitude towards safety.

At Neumatica, the philosophy of safety has been percolated by the management into every aspect of the working of the organization. From PPE’s to dedicated walkways to policy guidelines. We have learnt from our past mistakes that safety ought not to be taken for granted.

When walking on the shop walk within the boundaries i.e. walk within the designated safe zones and always be aware of your surroundings.
When working with power tools like drills, hand grinders etc. always wear the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like safety glasses, gloves etc.
Always wear a helmet, safety shoes and a good sturdy jacket when riding a motorcycle.
Never walk and talk on a mobile phone. Always stay in a designated safe zone when conversing on the phone.
Safety is not restricted to just our professional lives. It should be reflected in our normal everyday lives as well. After all we are not just responsible for our safety but for the safety of others as well.


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