SimpliFi® series – Range of Fastener Insertion Machines & Clinching Machines

SimpliFi®, A Neumatica® brand for pressing machines and solutions introduces a range of fastener insertion machines. They are built exclusively for the sheet metal Industry. We have built unique machines with world-class technology for brands in the industries such as automotive, aerospace, etc. Our product line has been adding values to the sheet metal industry, in the applications such as Riveting, clinching and fastener insertion.

SimpliFi® range of Fastener Insertion machines [SFi- series] house, advanced technologies from domestic as well the international markets. The blend of integrated technology and state of art manufacturing abilities at Neumatica® is commendable. It has made us deliver Reliable, high quality and value adding machines across industries. The Fastener Insertion machines by SimpliFi are known for the customization and formulate as the USP of the brand.

The 26-year-old brand has pioneered and is popular for precise and reliable solutions for hardware insertion needs of sheet metal industry. The machines are highly versatile and can perform insertion operations on complex profiles with critical bending, components up to the dimension of 1600mm. We are consistent and perpetually developing our products as we evolve with different needs of the industry. A dedicated team of engineers are equipped with ample knowledge on the subject and will offer continuous support for your special requirements.

Our product line focuses on Productivity, safety and Quality. The Hydropneumatic concept behind which the machine is structured ensures optimum speed of the machine. Neumatica’s own patent applied technology, “Protect- A- finger” tags the brand among the players of international standards. The features of the machine such as load measurement, depth measurement, force readability uplift the quality that our customer can praise us about. We are Neumatica.

Fastener Insertion | Clinching | Riveting Application in Video


Fastener Insertion

The SFi- series Features

IFM Pressure switch
IFM oil pressure switch ensures the right load on the fasteners and the component through a feedback mechanism that facilitates a strong forming between the fastener and the sheet metal and ensures the fine finish on the job.

Basic EC- series Controller 
The machine houses an advanced EC series controller with digital display and one-touch buttons to control the operation, hence making it operator friendly. The aesthetically neat and technically advanced control box acts as an interface to the operator to communicate with the machine.

Easy load control 
The manual pressure regulator housed in the right side of the machine enables the operator to access the control over the load easily and ensures the right load.

Footswitch for operation 
The Foot pedal in the machine allows the operator to enable the operation, without having to use the hands.

Touch Screen HMI Display 
The HMI connected to the PLC enables the operator to program the machine. Setting the load, rivet count, operation status Etc. is displayed on the screen.

Oil Pressure switch for loading Feedback 
IFM oil pressure switch ensures the right load on the fasteners and the component through a feedback mechanism that facilitates a strong forming between the fastener and the sheet metal.

Patented Finger Safety Technology 
The SFi series machines are equipped with Neumatica’s own finger safety technology that ensures double safety to the operator under working condition, making the machine highly safe.

Serviced by the makers 
SimpliFi Fastener Insertion machines are highly reliable and require minimum service from time to time. The machines come with service guarantee from the makers themselves.

Rotary lockable Turret 
The rotary lockable tooling Turret enables quick interchangeability of Different tools and reduces the hassle to the operator contributing to the productivity.

SimpliFi ECO 4400

SimpliFi Lite 4400

SimpliFi Plus 4400

SimpliFi ECO 4600

SimpliFi Lite 4600

SimpliFi Plus 4600

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