Riveting is one of the most prominent and conventional methods of fastening two similar metal components. Continuous researches and developments in the area of riveting have replaced traditional tedious processes. Did you know? That bulky spot welding machines in the industries are getting replaced with simple Sheet metal Riveting Presses 

Neumatica strives to deliver its best and keep the customers happy. Presenting to you the Smart SMR for Your Smart Facility.

Standing as pioneers in pressing machines and assembly solutions since 1992, Neumatica is known for its innovations and integration of automation solutions into pressing and technological advancements. 

Solutions, being another prominent area of focus, Neumatica has built several SMR(Sheet metal riveting Machines), making multiple forming operations possible on a single machine. Built with the latest state of art, technology, and design.

The processes such as fastener insertion and riveting of various component sizes can now be executed on our state of the art SimpliFi Sheet metal Riveting Machine.

What is Fastener Insertion?

The process of inserting a clinch nut, clinch stud or standoff with a certain force into a metal sheet is known as fastener insertion. A fastener is a hardware part which is used to join or affix two or more objects together forming non permanent joints.

It is the replacement of the existing spot welding process. The process of fastener insertion is very simple, economic, hassle free, and does not damage the surface when  inserted into the material.

Features of SimpliFi Fastener Machine

This SimpliFi Fastener Machine houses contemporary features such as:

  • Automatic Component Feeding
  • Automatic Load Setting 
  • 100% Finger Safety  
  • PLC Operated Controls
  • Easy Operator Handling
  • Turret Based Tooling System

all of this ensuring quality pressing and a fantastic finish.

Think no more, go no further, for your search ends here today.

Purchase your very own “Smart SMR for Your Smart Facility” today!!

Machine Pressing Capacity  4T/ 8T
Press Cylinder Model Press-O-matic | PNA100-06-04T/8T
Throat Depth 400mm/600mm/800mm
Daylight 80-220mm
Total Stroke 100mm
Power stroke 6mm
Type of Automation Automatic PLC operated
Type of Table Tubular Hollow Structure
Special features

Protect-A-Finger, Automatic component feeding ,Data recording, Automatic Load setting, Automatic load testing OK/NOT OK, 4 station Turret  


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