In the current business scenario, speed is everything. It is the indispensable ingredient to competitiveness. Having stated this a lot of errors pop up in the pursuit of speed. These errors create an adverse effect irrespective of whether a service or goods was produced/delivered in time.

MUDA, MURA, MURI is a philosophy of waste management developed under the aegis of the Toyota Production System by Taiichi Ohno and Eiji Toyoda. Toyota back then wasn’t the manufacturing powerhouse as it is now. As a matter of fact, coming out of World War II Toyota along with a lot of Japanese manufacturers was on the verge of bankruptcy. This philosophy was so effective in its objectives that it was a major precursor to the more generic “Lean Manufacturing” which has since then been adopted by countless organizations both large and small; globally.

So naturally, given how Neumatica Technologies has been growing it was paramount that these be implemented in the organization. A brainchild of Mr. Chandrashekar M.T., a session on MUDA, MURA, MURI was conducted to educate the participants about the different types of wastes; their categorization and more importantly their hindrance to operational excellence. This session was received so well by the audience that it gave Mr. Chandrashekar and the management the green signal to go ahead with this initiative.

This was followed by an exercise the following week that involved determining the MUDA, MURA, MURI of all departments. “No one knows your business-like others do” was the mantra in conducting this exercise. All the participants were grouped into multi-disciplinary teams from various departments. This was an extremely fruitful exercise as a lot of inconsistencies and irregularities were identified.

“What is now proved was only once imagined” says William Blake. The following week another session was conducted wherein the same participants had to give solutions for the inconsistencies they had listed out. The idea behind it was to categorize problems which could be solved immediately, short term and long term. These solutions were then passed on to the respective departments to be implemented.

The reception of this project was immense. A lot of people got opportunities to present their proposals. Prizes were given to the best presentations.

We as an organization believe in Organizational Excellence. We understand and endorse the ideology that for an organization to be competitive on the global front all obstacles which hamper operational excellence needs to be addressed and eliminated right away.

We at Neumatica are at the cusp of a revolution. Stay tuned for more.



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